Foaming Aerosol Pool Table Cleaner

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Product Overview

Quick-Clean is a remarkable product. モThe Original 1st Quality BRUSHLESS Pool and Billiard Table Cleanerヤ. This stuff works very well. Spray it over your table, then wipe it away. The foaming action lifts chalk out of the cloth, protecting and cleaning it, then very quickly dries. This is a great pool table cleaner! One can will clean many, many pool tables. Why brush your pool table? That doesnメt make the chalk go away! This pool table cleaner will be your pool tableメs best friend. It doesnメt even dampen the cloth! Quick-Clean is being used at most major tournaments, where they want to extend the life of their expensive Simonis cloth. Shouldnメt you protect your cloth, too?

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review