Master Chalk - (12pc.)

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When the time comes to coat your cue, why not apply the best? The most popular chalk on the market, Master Cue Chalk has a distinctive texture that transforms smoothly and evenly when coated to all leather cue tips. Best of all, Master Chalk won't cake or flake as the other, more inferior chalks tend to do. From the renowned Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, Master Cue Chalk is a product that's made to endure, and a must-have item for any pool room. Comes in a Variety of Colors, Including Red, Gold, Gray, Blue, and Brown. Bulk Set of 144 Pieces Also Available. Features
  • Box of 12 pieces
  • Won't Cake or Flake
  • Prevents Miscues & Insures Player Satisfaction
  • Available in Variety of Colors
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    (No reviews yet) Write a Review