Quick Clean Micro-Fiber Towel

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Product Overview

The towel creates the charge for picking up the chalk from the table. The towel has many uses. 1. Removes chalk dust from the table. 2. Removes hand powder almost 100%. 3. Polishes and cleans the balls. 4. Polishes the butt of cues. 5. Dries sweaty hands and shaft better than cotton towels. 6. Cleans and polishes glass without streaking. 7. Dries dishes in a single wipe. 8. Shammy your car after washing, it makes you car appear as you just waxed it. The towel will hold 10 times its weight in water. 9. Dry hair before blow drying it will save 75% of the drying time. 10. Great for dusting. Dust will cling to it. 11. Towel will last 400 washings. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Microfiber works best when cleaning your table. What happens is when you spray Quick-Clean on your table you have created a positive charge on your table. The microfiber has a negative charge so they will be attracted to each other

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review